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    Digital Marketing Recruitment Agency London

    Like many digital marketing recruitment agencies, we operate and do a lot of work in terms of introducing candidates to clients within London.

    Daviesis is a company who’s has a long history in London  and works with a lot clients in terms of finding the right candidates, coming into the city or already situated in London.

    Daviesis are a Digital Marketing Recruitment Agency built not by recruiters but by Digital Marketing professionals – in short we know the industry inside out.

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    If you are in the London area and want to discuss a job vacancy or an upcoming one within the digital marketing sector, contact us or submit a job brief.  We will get back to you and go through it straight away.

    We work predominately in a contingency recruitment basis initially, so no successful candidate, no fee.

    If you are a candidate, do not hesitate to send your CV here and we will match you with a role of the skills, experience and aspirations fit.