We work with Software Engineers who are focused on working with companies that fit their ambitions and we look to place coders that fit into our clients culture and aspirations.  One of the key areas for us is the recruitment of Backend Developers for our clients.


As tech evolves the need for Backend Developers has become more and more in demand.   Finding candidates and clients that match well together has become more and more pressing and we use AI to good old fashioned getting to know people and companies to find that match.


Our Backend Developers come with different personalities and are different people.  All are skilled and cover a number of skills.  We have JavaScript Developers who work with Node JS, Python Developers who use Djano and Flask, Java Developers mastering Flask, Hibernate and Spring.   We have candidates that are PHP Developers, C#, Ruby Developer to Pearl Developers.

Looking to hire a Back End Developer

If you have a role that you’re looking to fill or are exploring hiring a Backend Developer we are more than happy to help and discuss the role with you.  Simply submit a job brief below or hit the contact button and send us a message.

We will arrange a time to talk to you at your convenience.  If you wish for us to actively help, we usually work on a contingency recruitment basis, so no placement no fee.

We very much work with you and it’s in our interest to give you the best candidate that fits exactly what you’re looking for.    We also recruit Full Stack and Front End Developers so we can cover all areas of your project.

Backend Developer Looking for a Job

If you’re a candidate or Backend Developer looking for your next role, we are here to help.   It may be that we have a role for you already and we do get a good amount of Backend Developer roles through every week and month.

We will work with you to look for the role that you want and need to get moving.  We will book in chat with you to go through your skill set and a plan moving forward.


Feel free to submit your CV at any time and register as a candidate

The majority of the time we recruit for full time permanent roles and the hybrid, remote as well as onsite jobs.