Digital Marketing Recruitment

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Digital Marketing Recruiters

The Digital Marketing field is a big arena with Digital Marketing itself becoming a sector in its own right.   Techajob is built by Tech and Digital professionals with our founder, Matthew Davies spending 3 decades in the Digital Marketing sector, running Daviesis.

Digital Marketing Recruiters

The demand even in bad economic times for Digital Marketing professionals is high and for that reason we spend a lot of time going through candidates to match them with the clients. The skills of the candidates can vary and the culture and demands of the clients can vary.

The clients we work with when it comes to recruiting in Digital Marketing are totally different role to role. We deal with a lot of Agencies such as Creative Agencies to Web Build Agencies to large or small Digital Marketing Agencies. We also deal with medium size or large companies who are recruiting in different sectors be it Telecoms or Finance.

Digital Marketing Candidates

Therefore the time we spend with candidates is important and we do like to put a lot of time into the recruitment process. We make permanent placements, placements where candidates are looking for long-term roles and looking to build a career. Matching the clients and candidates correctly is vital for us.

We do use AI but we have a large network of candidates and we do spend a lot of time getting to know the candidates and their ambitions for the future and skills as a whole.

Digital Marketing Recruitment FAQs for TechaJob

Please send us your details
Ecommerce, SEO, Digital Marketing Managers and of course there is a crossover in the tech roles we recruit in such as Software Developers and Web Devs
No, we really only do permanent placements though we will consider some contract roles and the placements we do tend to be middle to senior roles
If we get to know a client well we will do retainer recruitment but as an introduction we do contingency recruitment, which means no candidate, no fee and we charge 12% of the first year salary only of the candidate.
To get really good results we suggest give us 4 weeks, we avoid ambulance recruitment.