It is easy to find an SEO Agency but perhaps harder to find an SEO employee, and that is where we can help.  The Daviesis brand started as an SEO Agency way back in 2012.

Since 2012 we have grown and now offer a service that helps companies find SEO professionals that you can employ.  Essentially we are Digital Marketing professionals who know the market, know the job giving us the skills for our Digital Marketing SEO agency with focus on the SEO market

SEO Recruiters

We work with a range of companies and a range of sectors to provide SEO candidates. We work with Digital Marketing Agencies to start up businesses to e-commerce businesses.

We only put candidates through to you who have been vetted, who understand the client and the role in front of them.

A SEO Recruitment Agency ran by people in Digital

Techajob is not just a SEO recruitment agency in the Tech and Digital sector; we are a community in the Tech and Digital sector.  SEO recruitment is core to our business, and we know from experience how vital it is to get the right person to your business.

SEO Recruitment

SEO has always been core to our business

We are not just recruiting SEO professionals, we were doing SEO ourselves and have been since 2012.  We know as a business how difficult SEO can be and the demands upon clients and the people who undertake SEO from the search intent to backlink building.

Finding the right candidate is a difficult challenge but one we can meet with you and we will get to know your company and precisely what you need and are looking for.

Send us a Job Brief

If you have a job brief and want us to take a look please do not hesitate to do so…

If you’re not ready to submit a job brief just yet but want to talk through a role, why not just get in contact now and we will chat with you and see what will be needed to get the right person.

SEO Recruitment FAQs

We might but predominately do full time permanent placements 

The SEO markets is very competitive and we 100% vet the candidates.  Our candidates are up to date with Google and Search Engine trends and we have candidates who are more then capable of optimising for AI

Predominately mid-level to senior.  We might do junior placements with current clients or we see a long term relationship with a new client

Predominately though we will recruit in other countries and we have SEO candidates who are based all around the world 

No, we have a mix.  The candidates have individual preference…remote, hybrid or in-house.  We have to say candidates that want to work in-house often progress and earn more from our experience 

Absolutely not, we recruit in many areas in tech as tech recruiters