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We started it because we live and breathe Tech.  We are Tech professionals that recruit other Tech specialist.   Daviesis Talent Acquisition focus heavily on recruiting Software Engineers, Front End Devs and Backend Devs.

We have over a decade of experience in the Tech and Digital Sector and we are dedicated to the world of Tech. In short, we are people who have worked and do work in Digital and the Tech sector from Web Design to SEO.  We know the difficulties that candidates go through to get the right job, and we know the problems that employers have when trying to find the right candidate.

Finding Tech Candidates

It’s not easy, it’s time-consuming, and the roles in Tech can be so niched that the right candidate could be as easy to find as the needle in the haystack. We have seen companies in the finance sector cry in frustration when trying to recruit a JavaScript Developer. Sometimes they do not even know they need to recruit a Java Script Developer as they do not know what is needed to perform the task.   This is where we can help and break down the brief to find the right person with the right skills for your project and importantly the right personality.

We have a pool of candidates from our network. We can precisely determine the type of person you’re looking for and analyse the culture in your business, to the skills for the role you need.  We use a objective and subjective approach as well as modern tools too AI.

Find a Job in Tech

It’s a competitive market, but one that is growing with digital and Tech services in demand and the pandemic end has only accelerated that.

All the spiel you have heard from recruitment agencies before isn’t worth repeating, and we recruit for permanent and full-time jobs. We will work with you in looking to get a job, no matter your circumstances. We are dedicated to Tech, and we also offer a range of other services as we look to build a community.

Tech Recruitment FAQs for TechaJob

We have a constant stream of candidates coming to us looking for roles now and for the future, candidates with different dreams and aspirations. 

We have a network of candidates, finding candidates is not the hard part, finding the right candidate for the right client is.

We work extensively to make sure this is done correctly from both an objective point of view and a subjective point of view

Software engineers are a big part of our candidate recruitment process. 

However we recruit across the board from DevOps to Scrum Masters

We can and do recruit across the world but the majority of our work is done in the UK. 

We do have candidates all over the world.

We tend to work only on contingency recruitment, so we find no candidate for you or you do not take our candidate, no fee. 

We charge 12.5% of the first year salary of the candidate.  We will consider retained tech recruitment.

We only recruit permanent placements.  We will consider some contracts though.

Tech Recruitment Agency

From Software Engineers, Tech Sales personnel to CTOs we recruit a full array of Tech personnel.  We work consciously to match candidates with the right client working predominantly on a contingency recruitment basis.  

We work with AI companies to Software Development agencies who looking for the best talent and the candidates looking for the best jobs.

Tech Recruiters by People in Digital

People and companies are looking to get the best people for their business and we know the market and know the candidates. We only do contingency recruitment, and we promise incredibly affordable fees.