Tech is a big world and there are many different businesses in many different sectors looking to recruit as the dependency on digital expands. We want to be the best and will only recruit the best as we look to take the stress and strain of the recruitment process away from the client.

We work with Tech Companies, Agencies, Start-Ups and many types of businesses. It is a wide and varied field as the businesses look to expand away from freelancing to a full time situation when it comes to Tech.   

What you will get from us is a full commitment as we look to make your goals a reality when recruiting. We know the sector as we worked in the field and still do, Techajob is part Daviesis Talent Acquisition Limited and was born in the world of a Digital and Tech with the many people who work with us being practitioners in the world of Tech.

We promise value for money as work on contingency recruitment only model and are extremely competitive in our fees, you only pay us once we place a candidate that you have chosen, not before.