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SEO Manager Job Description


We look to provide as many resources as possible, and one of those areas is job descriptions which can be tricky to put together.

The best way is to put your main points across and not get trapped believing you’re writing a great advert. Here are some tips that will help you write an SEO Managers job description.

Job profile of a SEO Manager

Quite simply, an SEO Manager will look to implement and oversee the SEO strategy and occasionally the business’s day-to-day running. In the interest of complication, if you’re an Agency, the SEO Manager may well be doing this for the Agency clients.

Naturally, these can be two different roles, so it’s always best to clarify if you’re an Agency or simply a business needing an SEO Manager for your website and assets only.



SEO Manager Job Description


An experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated Search Engine Optimisation Manager (SEO Manager) is wanted to join our marketing department. As the SEO Manager, we will be looking to you for planning and implementing the SEO strategy. The position is hugely important to us as the success of our online presence is vital to us as a business and our growth.

Duties and responsibilities as the SEO Manager

  • Develop, plan and strategise the SEO
  • Maximise the organic reach
  • Help improve the ROI
  • Keyword Research
  • Use and identify SEO KPIs
  • Monitor and improve bounce rates and KPIs
  • Create, prepare and present reports
  • Make sure we are in-front of our buyers in the organic search
  • Suggest improvement in productivity that will help optimisation
  • Work with the marketing team, web developers and content producers
  • Stay up to date with digital marketing trends and search engine updates


SEO Manager qualifications


  • Five years of experience as an SEO Manager and ten years experience of SEO
  • Experience in planning and implementing SEO campaigns from start to finish
  • Proven success working in SEO
  • 15 years of experience with web analytics
  • Experience of split testing A/B
  • Familiar with web development not necessarily hands on experience
  • Proven analytical and research skills
  • Self starter and driven to take ownership of the SEO for the business
  • Problem solving and team player
  • Time management skills
  • Communication skills and the ability to work in a team and delegate


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Matt Davies is the founder of DaviesIS and the Head of SEO

March 14, 2022