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Social Media Manager Job Description


If you’re looking for a Social Media Manager, writing a job description can be a necessary evil. We are here to help as we do not just recruit. We also have a series of resources that help you on the journey; one of these is a Social Media Job Description.

One of these is job descriptions and in this case, the Social Media Job Description.

Social Media Manager job profile

The vital role of the Social Media Manager involves planning, implementing, managing and analysing the business social media strategy. The objective is to raise brand awareness, help the marketing, and increase the business’s sales.


Social Media Manager job description

We are looking for an experienced, creative and passionate Social Media Manager to join our team. The Social Media Manager will be responsible for developing and implementing the social media strategy. The Social Media Manager will look to improve and increase our online presence in line with the marketing department. This role will involve working closely with the Marketing and sales department.

Duties and responsibilities of the Social Media Manager

  • Help develop, implement and manage the strategy for social media
  • Identify the most important Social Media KPIs
  • Oversee and manage the social media content
  • Analyse and measure the success of the social media campaigns
  • Stay up to date with Social Media trends
  • Knowledge and use of Social Media tools, for example Buffer
  • Working closely with copywriters and marketing team
  • Work closely with the SEO set-up for engagement and interaction
  • Create a network with professionals via Social Media
  • Connect with influencers and industry figures for campaigns
  • Manage, hire other team members when necessary for the Social Media team
  • Train team members
  • Abide by rules and regulations
  • Create and present presentations to senior management within the business

Requirements and Qualifications for the Social Media Manager

  • Ten years experience as a Social Media Specialist
  • Experience of using Social Media for brand awareness
  • Knowledge of all major Social Media channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Basic knowledge of SEO
  • Knowledge and experience of buyer persona research
  • Knowledge of Social Media KPIs
  • Knowledge of Web Design
  • Good at multitasking
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Good time management
  • Good people skills
  • Ability to present data and do presentations
  • Graduate level education


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Matt Davies is the founder of DaviesIS and the Head of SEO

March 16, 2022